Boom Brothers review and info

Boom Brothers Net Ent slot Game.

What we say:

Boom Brothers is graphically brilliant, it has some really innovative game features – both in the standard game and in the bonus and free spins rounds.

But, somehow, and it’s really difficult for me to put my finger on it, it doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

The good:

Graphics – very nice, I swear one is Lemmy, one is Michael Eaves (Glastonbury festival man), one is probably based on someone in Net Ent’s office – I’m told they are a strange looking bunch who rarely see the light of day.

Characters – See above. Top notch.

Soundtrack – Very nice. Could have been a bit more “metal”

Features – Innovative, especially the second chance feature.

The bad

The worst thing about the game, and possibly the only bad thing is the way that the bonus round works.

In order to get to the bonus round you need three Railtrack Symbols on the first three reels – these will then join up to grant you entry into the bouns round.

Good so far, but then… You have to qualify again to get any bonus by lining up 3 more tracks in the bonus screen.

Yes, after qualifying for the bonus you have to qualify to get through to the money.

Not too much of a pain when things are going well but when you’ve waited half an hour for a bonus round it’s a right royal pain in the arse!

Actually that is the only bad thing about the…. Oh no hang on there is one more flaw, during the bonus round, as far as I’m able to tell after spending weeks and hundreds of euros playing the game, you can almost guess what you’re going to win – no surprises = no buzz.


What Net Ent say:

What do you get when you mix three industrious dwarves who own a gargantuan

mine with lots and lots of explosives? The Boom Brothers!  Players will have a blast

with the surprise animations: if bomb-throwing dwarves don’t get players wanting

more, maybe the sight of the crazy jet-packer will. The game has the usual Free spins

and Wild substitutions, but just to keep players on their toes, we’ve thrown in

avalanches, spinning symbols, and a whole raft of animated special effects – some of

them big, but some so subtle that players may find new things hours after they start

playing. A Railtrack feature, which wins players extra bonus coins, also acts as the

gateway to the bonus game, where the crazy mining brothers race to be the first to

blast a rock face. Boom Brothers is the second platinum video slot offering from Net


Boom Brothers is about three dwarves who own a huge mine.

They spend their days blasting rock faces in search of gold, rubies,

and diamonds. And blasting is what they do best. They’ll blow up

just about anything: symbols, reels, rock faces – it doesn’t matter.

The game starts with a short intro sequence which introduces the

three brothers and their unique, if not quirky, personalities to the


Packed with 3-D animation, high definition artwork, random play

events, and crazy sounds, this game is designed to immerse

players in the world of dwarfdom deep underground.



boombrotherslogo 450.jpg

Game details:

Reels, rows  5, 3

Lines  20 See Betlines for details

Default coin values (€)  0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1

Bet levels  1-5

Min/Max bet (€)  0.01/€100

Theoretical Payout

The total payout percentage is over 96.5% for this slot.

Maximum win – Main game  €37,500

Maximum win – Free spins  €112,500

Hit frequency – Medium


Main Game

Players can select the coin value, number of bet lines, and bet

level before spinning the reels. The minimum bet is 1 coin on 1 bet

line (€ 0.01), and the maximum bet is 5 coins on 20 bet lines


•             Game actions. The buttons on the key pad perform the following

different game actions:

LEVEL  Clicking the left and right arrows increases and decreases the bet level (i.e. number of coins per bet line) by 1.

To increase or decrease faster, the player can click and drag the slider below.

LINES  Clicking the left and right arrows increases and decreases the number of

bet lines by 1.

To increase or decrease faster, the player can click and drag the slider Rows, reels, and bet lines

•  Game results. Players can win on any of the bet on which they bet. The game highlights which lines are winners and how much has been won on each


Scatter and Wild symbols

The wild symbol explodes when it is on a winning bet line.

•             Regular Wild substitution. The wild symbol substitutes for any

symbol except the bonus and Railtrack symbols.

Free spins are activated when 3 or more scatter symbols appear.

But this is no ordinary Free spin scenario.

•               Each of the scatter symbols spins on its own axis to reveal a


•               The sum of all the revealed numbers is the total number of Free

spins won.

Free spins are played out as usual, however, the win multiplier throughout is x3, and additional scatter symbols (which also spin and reveal numbers) are added to the remaining Free spins.

When Free spins have ended, the player is returned to the main game.


Free spins can also be won during any of the 2nd  chance features.


2nd Chance Win Feature

A game round doesn’t always result in a win, but in Boom Brothers, there are second chances for the player. There are 4 random game play events that could turn a non-winning round into

a winner. And that’s not all—the 2nd  chance trigger is random.

The 4 events feature 3-D animations of the brothers interacting with the game reels and symbols:

•               A dwarf in a cart places a bomb at the base of up to 3 reels.

When the bomb(s) explode, the symbols are obliterated, leaving room for an avalanche of new symbols which fall into the empty reels.

•               A dwarf on a platform with a special lever sets one or more reels spinning and uses the same lever as a break to stop the spin.

•               A dwarf in a home-made mine lift moves around the reels placing bombs on symbols. The bombs explode, and the symbols are replaced with wild symbols.

•               A dwarf with a jetpack flies to a symbol and hits it to make it spin on its vertical axis.

The resulting change of symbols may make up winning bet lines which pay out according to the same paytable rules as the normal part of the game.

Railtrack Feature

Start of Railtrack feature
Completed railtrack triggers bonus game.

Three Railtrack symbols on a bet line triggers the Railtrack feature.

Animations take over to enrich the entertainment factor of this game. The Railtrack symbols drop down into a line in the centre row and change shape to form a track. The player re-spins the last

two reels in an attempt to complete the track so that the dwarf can get to the bonus game.

Special multipliers ensure that even if the track is not completed, the player will leave this feature with some type of win:

•             When the entire track is completed, the bet value at the time the

feature was triggered is multiplied by 4, and the player moves on to the bonus game.

•             When 4 out of 5 track pieces are completed, the bet value at the time the feature was triggered is multiplied by 3, and the player is returned to the main game.

•             When only 3 track pieces are completed, the bet value at the time the feature was triggered is multiplied by 2, and the player is returned to the main game.

The railtrack feature can be won during Free spins. The player is returned to the Free spins at the end of the Railtrack feature or bonus game if there are more Free spins to play.

Bonus Game

The bonus game automatically starts when the Railtrack feature ends with a complete set of tracks. Packed with incredibly detailed 3-D animation and humour, the stage is set for the player to have the very best bonus game experience around.

•               The bonus game starts with the infamous Boom Brothers lining up on the left side of the game screen, each in their own custom-built mine cart on their own unique set of railtracks. The

railtracks run to a rock face on the right of the game screen. Each railtrack runs to a rock face containing gold, diamonds, or rubies.

•               Below them, a set of 3 carts are wheeled in. Hidden inside each cart is a pile of gold, diamonds, or rubies. In some cases, there is also a move multiplier. The player must select a cart to reveal which of the dwarves will move and by how much.

•               After a dwarf has moved, the carts below are replaced, and the player must select again.

•               This continues until one of the dwarves has reached the rock face (5 steps in total). The player wins the bonus coins associated with the winning dwarf’s rock face.

•             Win animation ends the bonus game and the player is returned back to the main game.

Free spins

•               3 + Scatter symbols will start the Free spins feature.

•               Each Scatter symbol will spin and reveal a number.

•               The sum of the numbers revealed is the total amount of Free spins won.

•               The multiplier is x3 during Free spins.

•               The multiplier does not apply to winnings in the Railtrack feature or bonus game.

•               Additional Free spins can be won during Free spins.

•               During Free spins each scatter awards 1 extra Free spin.


Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except Free spin and Railtrack symbols.

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