Honest Casino Reviews: Welcome

Hi, welcome to Honest Casino Reviews.I’ve worked in online gaming for years and I probably spend more time playing in online casinos than is good for any sane person.

I’m going to be sharing some insider tips and tricks (and there are a lot of them) to help you have more fun, and hopefully win more when playing online.

I’ll also be publishing completely unbiased reviews (and they are as rare as rocking horse shit online whatever people tell you on their sites, I’ll show you how you can tell in a future post) of casinos, games, and special offers.

If there’s ever any news of interest (like a jammy sod winning more than 5 million euros on a slot which has happened twice recently) I’ll add that here too –  and that’s Honest Casino Reviews for you.

Come back in about a year when I’ve whacked some content up!

Be lucky.


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