Live casinos

Live online casinos are popping up everywhere now and it’s difficult to know which you should choose.
Well there’s good news, and bad news.
The good news is, just like normal online casinos, the Live Casinos are virtually all the same. Same software, same games, same odds, same supplier, same girls!
The bad news is the same as the good news, they’re virtually all the same… which can be a bit boring. How many eastern European accented dollybird slow dealers can you stand before you want some variety? (OK it’s just me, the accent goes through me, I’d rather listen to Steven Hawking)
So, you’re left with the usual dilemma in making a choice.
Is the casino from a name I know and trust? (Ladbrokes will always be a safer bet bet than Brokelads).
Do I like the layout and design/usability?
Do they accept my favourite payment method?
What’s the bonus?

The latter is especially important because at the moment, bonuses (and bear in mind that the software and girls etc are the same) vary from nothing to over 500%..
Take a look at the Bonus Rules and considerations article to calculate which bonuses are genuine and which should be avoided.
God luck at ze taables

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