Mr Green: Casino review

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
What a missed opportunity.
Do you know what online casinos really need? Well, lots of things of course. Better payment options, better games, better offers… anyway.
One of the things sadly lacking in online casinos is personality. They’re usually bland boring affairs and they only exist in order to provide a server for the games.
Occasionally someone tries to challenge this state of affairs and usually they get it wrong.

Mr Green is frustrating because they almost got it right.
Let’s be fair to them, they could have got it SPECTACULARLY wrong like Buzzluck (if you haven’t visited yet do it, you’ll only do it once, my God it’s awful!).
OK so what’s wrong with Mr Green?

1: The Mr Green character. A quintessentially British gentleman complete with top hat and cane.
The problem? Mr Green’s prose is clearly written by a non-English native, not surprising given that the people behind Mr Green are Swedes and the UK office contains three Swedes and an American. Still, it’s annoying when they put so much marketing effort in the Englishness of the site only to make silly mistakes – not spelling mistakes, not grammatical errors, just mistakes that only a foreigner attempting to be English would make. A bit like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.
2: The site
The games are great, the payment options are good. But…the site HARDLY WORKS! It’s ‘all fur coat and no knickers’ as we say in England. Looks great but crashes all the time and has absolutely no usability behind it. I want a list of games, I don’t want to be forced to scroll through a catalogue.
3: It could have been so good!
That’s the real tragedy. They have taken a great idea and simply ‘spoiled the ship for a h’aperth of tar’ (look it up Mr Green).
I truly hope they take a step back, fix the site and either stop pretending to be so bally English or at least hire someone who is.

So what about the good stuff?
The Games, the payment options, the payout times, the offers… To be honest, I don’t give a toss. Go and find out for yourselves if you want to.

OK OK, you should take a look at it of course. At time of writing it’s down for maintenance (which at least gives you time to play spot the mistakes in their “under construction” page – what exactly does this collection of words mean “even if he´s still is a bit more fancy” ?

Don’t mind me – I have a thing about pseudo-authenticity in branding and marketing. You don’t want to get me started on Goodfellas Pizza!

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