Queen of the Jungle

Queen of the Jungle slotQueen of the Jungle slot review.
A new video slot from Microgaming with some nice features and good graphics.
The theme is a bit of an odd one, but whatever floats your boat.
The gameplay is nice. Three different types of bonus – but unlike many bonus heavy slots – these bonuses don’t prevent you from getting ordinary wins.

Scatters:Queen of the jungle reels
There are two scatter symbols – the monkeys and the passion fruit.
Get three passion fruit and you trigger the Free Spins.
15 free spins at 3x payout. The free spins can be retriggered.

Get three Monkeys and the Bonus Games ia activated choose from one of three monkeys:
Gift Monkey – In this game you choose anyb 3 from 9 gifts – If you don’t like what you’re offered you can return the gift and choose another one – of course there’s a gamble to this but it’s fairly intuitive after you’ve had it a couple of times.

Monkey Chop: Enter Karate Moneky who will chop coconuts each containing a prize. When he gets tired and fails to chop open a coconut the bonus game is over.

Monkey Fetch Choose from 10 monkeys who are hanging ob vines. When chosen your chimp will scamper up the vine and fetch you a fruit. You get to choose 3 monkeys with 3 guaranteed prizes.

All in all then a great little game with the addition of a selection of bonus games to make you feel more in control.
Give it a go!

You can play Queen of the Jungle at loads of casinos but the latest one (and therefore the one with the most generous bonuses on offer) is Casino La Vida

Paylines 9 Wild Symbol Yes
Coins per Payline 20 Scatter Symbol Yes
Maximum Coins 180 Free Spins Yes
Progressive No Bonus Feature Yes, 3 plus free spins
Gamble Feature Yes Pays Left to Right

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