SexyStars Casino… It’s different!

Very different.Sexy Stars Casino

There’s a decent bit of business logic behind it.

Men love gambling, men love sexy girls, combine the two and you’re surely onto a winner…

Well, perhaps they are.

The first thing that strikes you about this casino is, of course, the scantily clad lovelies.

The second thing you notice is the chance to win a date with a sexy model.

The thing you should pay most attention to (I know it won’t be easy) is the welcome bonus. It’s brilliant! sexy stars casino

So good in fact that there’s no way this can last for long.

They will give you up to £1000, €1000 in bonus money – with a….. wait for it…. 10 x wagering requirement!

10 times! Thfrench maids bonus slotat’s unheard of these days.

Now ordinarily i would say don’t trust a site like this as far as you could throw a house – but it’s fully UK licensed so you should be safe.

The games aren’t the best in the world – although they do have the offline favourite Wolf Run – but I’m sure they’ll add more soon.

They do have some bespoke Sexy Slots like French Maids Bonus and Heels and Reels.

They’re OK as slots but probably of more interest for the sl*ts.

Anyway enough of that – did I mention the 10x Wagering Requirement!

What are you doing here?

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  1. Didn’t know the forum rules allewod such brilliant posts.

  2. Dude, right on there btrheor.