They’re nearly all the same. Which is good news for you!

It takes quite some time for many people to work this out, I know from experience that some spend tens of thousands every month and never do.

Nearly all the casinos online (and certainly all the ones it’s worth trusting with your cash) are the same!

There are basically three big providers of slot games and the big casinos pay them to use their slots. These companies provide the games, the jackpots, the stats – everything.

All the casinos do is put a website over them. Anyone could do that.

So what? So it doesn’t matter where you play. You’ll get the same game, the same payouts and the same jackpots*.

I’ll list all the casinos by provider in a post soon.

So, what should make you choose one online casino over another?

The bonuses, pure and simple. As long as the casino you choose is safe (see post on how to check a casino is safe soon) then you may as well be led by bonuses.

It’s not only the welcome bonus, or the reload bonus though. many casinos will give you a monthly freespin offer so it pays to be with a few of them, they will also reactivate dormant accounts – this is great for you.

My tip is to find 4 or 5 casinos with the range of games you like. Deposit into each one month at a time (or one week at a time if you play more often and want to choose more casinos).

After a while, usually 3-months of inactivity, the marketing manager at the casino will try to ‘reactivate’ you. They’ll do this by sending an extra special bonus offer, which you will of course take. After you’ve taken it you go away again and wait for one of the others to send you a reactivation bonus. Then move on again… By playing this properly you can really maximise your play-time and potential returns – and it’s no skin off your nose because the games and the payouts are all the same anyway!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how to exploit casino bonuses (they really don’t like this but so what – you need to get a bit of their edge back for yourself and it’s totally legal).

*Jackpots do vary depending on which tier the casino is with the games provider. But here’s another free tip – Big progressive jackpot slots are crap – avoid them like the plague. A portion of every bet you make goes to the jackpot – they have a lower payout rate because they offer the jackpot and only mugs play them.

Soon I’ll be sharing the payout % of all the online slots with you so you can see for yourself.

Be Lucky!

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