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Virgin Casino review

It’s Virgin, so you know you can trust them with your money.

You know you’re going to get great customer service (you do).

You get good offers, nice bonuses, great rewards and the games are a high payout.

That’s why we’ve chosen Virgin Casino to be in our top 5 casinos.The Games:

Virgin is one of the very best casinos for online slot machines

The games come from IGT and Barcrest. UK readers will be familiar with Barcrest from pub fruit machines and quiz machines and with IGT from High St Casinos. These are their online slots which have much higher payout percentages and payout amounts.

Standout games:

There are some really great games on Virgin Casino and some average ones of course.

The best games (for me) are:

– An absolute classic if you like all-ways pays (243 lines).

Wild Wolf – High variance but check it out in free more, you’ll love it or hate it.

Cleopatra – A massively popular slot offline, pray for the sphinxes!

Alice’s Wonderland. Bonkers, brilliant and balmy. It’s like tripping at times.

Wolf Run – Another popular offline slot brought online – superb when the stacked wilds start coming in.

Along with the slots you get the usual roulette, card games, table games and they also have a Poker network and Bingo.


Payouts are excellent from Virgin. You first big payout may take a day or so but after that your money will be in your account in minutes!


Bonuses are frequent, fair (low wagering requirements) and open to all regular players.

What are you waiting for?

Give Virgin a try.

Play exciting Online Slots on

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