How to win for free at Redbet until end of May

Win euros at redbet casinoUntil the end of May Redbet Casino have a nice offer for new (and existing) customers.

They’re giving a 100% bonus on all deposits and a free €1 on all new registrations.

Doesn’t sound like much does it? Not really – but if you play it right you can be very lucky.

Here’s how:

The promotion says that the €1 has to be spent on roulette – it doesn’t. What you should do is login to the casino and then look for Other Games – there you will find a scratchcard called Triple Wins – this is their highest percentage win scratchcard and you get two chances for free. Buy a couple and cross your fingers.

If you do win then you can take your winnings over the roulette and play Black or Red – or even play Blackjack – these games don’t usually count towards Wagering requirements but they do for this promotion so go for it.

If you don’t win then the 100% bonus is a good offer anyway – although not exactly World Beating.

Go for it here

Best of luck!

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